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Saw you in Brighton, fabulous ! Well done
What a great afternoon at Brayfest, thoroughly enjoyed it.
Arundel Festival, great performance, thank you!
What a fabulous evening on Sat at Inn On The Green! you and the drummer are top quality pro's ! Thank you !
Saw you at The Shepherd and Dog in Fulking, quite amazing! Great evening!
We were visiting West Sussex for a break. When Duncan started, my jaw must have dropped, I wasn't expecting that, Here was a guitar vertuoso with a great voice, singing his own amazing material, Unbelievable! My wife and I loved it !
We were taken aback by the quality and professionalism.
stunned by the playing and singing Duncan, thank you
Was just passing by and thought I'd say hi. Love all that you do. Great music, vocals. Looking forward to the new album. The new site looks great. Can't wait to read your bio. See you around and about .
We hadn't seen you before and wanted to say that we were knocked out by your performance at the Bridge on Sunday, your voice superb guitar skills and wonderful self penned songs were truly amazing, thank you.
I am new to your music Duncan and I absolutely adore it. Stunning guitar work and I love your voice and your writing..Enjoying your music very much. Love your style.
Great music at The Black Horse Findon, hope you are going to play there again
What a great evening on St Patricks night ! such accomplished and feelingful band, amazing, our friends all loved it.
Great gig in Arundel, you guys rocked!
Look forward to hearing you New Years Eve at the Bridge Houghton, thanks for the great music Duncan!
I love Duncan's music so much! What a talent and a wonderful person!!
Another great early evening gig at the Three Crowns, you sound like Chris Rea ! great guitar skills.
Amazing gig at the Bridge, yesterday, the whole family loved it, we will be back 3rd Sunday of next month!
You really rock, your fingers went into a blur they were so fast!
As an avid follower of fingerstyle guitar, I must say that I was most impressed with your marvelous blend of technique and emotion. A first class performance on Thursday night thank you Jeanette
WOW !, fantastic, when will you return to Italy, we miss you!!
I Duncan. I just wanted to write something in your guestbook. And now I have done it :-) When are you coming back to Norway?
If you have just found Duncan and his guitar listen to Harrys song and you will then know what true feelings of love are in a instrumental.
Most amazing gig, thank you we are still talking about it, fabulous guitar skills and incredible voice, looking forward to your return to London.
Dear Duncan, I really enjoyed your concert yesterday at Bridge' Inn Pub - it was just wonderful - thank you very much. It would be fantastic to see you and Claudia again, maybe in Switzland. If you like to keep in touch, here's my e-mail - - Take care, with love, Reto
Great website,
Wow great great concert in Sorrento, thank you, complimento !
Heard you play at Blenheim Palace...Outstanding ! Thank you.
Wow, love the new website Dunc. Congratulations on your new publishing and music deal. Cant wait for the new album. 02 here you come!!! xx
We all love the albums, congratulations on your new recording/publishing deal !
Great stuff !
Albums are great, we all enjoyed the concert big time and congratulations on your new publishing, recording deal, can't wait for the new album!
Hi Dunc, New website is great. Catch up soon,
You are really famous in New Zealand, everyones talking about you!
Heard you at a gig, quite amazing stuff, can't believe you're not famous !
I really like your website and it is much better than your old one, it is more modern!!
There is all the information that you need on thus website and I really like this to.
I realy like your website and there is all the information that I would like to know.