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                            Albums £10.00 each inc pp (UK )


        Ordinary Man                              New Life                               Heartstrings                             Mind Your Head


"Ordinary Man".........       All self penned, songs, including great band of name musicians.


"New Life" ................       Duncans singer songwriter album, featuring some great players.


"Heartstrings"............      All original instrumentals.


"Mind Your Head".......     Instrumental ambient album , all originals.                                              


Ordinary Man.

"Hi Duncan, I received the signed CD on Saturday and have been playing it over the weekend.You must be very proud of this album! Not a duff track and so varied with so many influences going on, from the catchy "I Will Stay With You", the commercial "Cyndy", the emotionally sung "Maybe Love" with lovely sentiments, folksy dance, and impressive instrumentals. A little gem is "One and Lonely" with Leonard Cohen vocals and a hint of Rikki Martins "Vida Loca". Great work, All the best regards, Tony and Deb.                   

from Tony Price, June 2018".